Monday, January 3, 2022

Cheers To New Beginings



Howdy Friends and Online Stalkers ☺

Crazy to think that we are already several days into the Month of January and its the year 2022!

I dont know about you, but it feels like the past 2-3 years have been a mix of a bad cocktail and you wake up with a what in the world did I just do?! 

Fall 2020 we bought this Little Red House on the Plains, and just jumped right in(immaturely) as I shared in a previous post, with all the hopes, dreams and goals of turning our little homestead into something functional for us. Did I attempt to tackle goals and dreams.. Yes, did I anticipate the hardships of emotional,physical and spiritual anguish that 2021 brought me and my husband and our family.. a resounding NO! Sure we know that life is not perfect and it comes with its ups and downs..Just did not think that 2021 would have been as rough as it turned out to be. So I am glad it is over.

As 2021 was winding down, I felt the LoRd revealing to me a few bits in my shortcomings and a whisper on my soul of other things. In those things He reminded me where I need to be with HIM and where I had been limited with or with out HIM in my life. For the first time in a few years.. I can honestly say I have a Word(s) Placed On My Heart.. 


So this year I am doing things differently, My husband and I are doing things differently, The family and I will be doing things differently. All of Us will be doing things differently in the will of  Simply Returning.. I have plenty of thoughts and ideas of what that is going to be meaning for myself and the crew, like date nights again, baking, learning new things, or the reestablishing of healthy and happy traditions and routines. The very stuff we did and yet some how allowed the trials of life's hurts and hangups over the past couple of years override what was working positively in our fmily. 

I am sure things will get messy and mistakes will happen along the way of following Gods Will to 

SIMPLY RETURN, and I hope with each mistake and mess, I can learn from it and make the necessary corrections to get Myself, and the Family back on track.

Lets Say You?

Do You Have A Word or Two That Has Been Laid Upon Your Heart For 2022?

Care To Share?

Thanks For Stopping By,


Saturday, January 1, 2022

HaPpY NeW Year



New Years is like a unwritten book, with its blank pages awaiting to be filled, and you my dear friend are the Author. What kind of book will you be writing this year? Adventure, Drama,Suspense,or Romance. Whatever you choose to fill your chapters with, it is my wish that it will be one of the greatest stories you have ever set to live. 

If you need a Publisher, I highly recommend going with Yahweh Publishing, HE seems to know ALOT about Books on LIFE☺

Monday, December 27, 2021

2021 Year In Review

We purchased this little 20 Acre Homestead in the Fall of 2020 and in the 12+ months we have lived here, I have managed to do everything I know NOT to do when freshly starting out.. or in my case restarting the journey again of being a small homesteader/hobby farmerette. 


Immediately bought chicks, they died after 2 barn cats from the previous owners were left, discovered their chicken nugget goodness. Had only the intentions of purchasing a mini donkey, but said seller wasn't going to separate the  mini donkey from the unbroken young filly, and then on pick up day they tossed in 2 free very pregnant pot bellied pigs.. which we lost all but 1 piglet to one of our dogs. Brought home our Great Pyrenees pup to discover he is not full bred, he has a small percent of husky which shows in his hyperness. 


Bought my first Jersey calf who was on deaths door and spent my days and nights doing round the clock care to keep him alive.. Which he did live and he is like one giant DOG.. who I think believes he is the family pet. 

Helped a fellow family out with purchasing their 3 horses with special needs.. bought 2 piglets with the goal of keeping one to be the family sow and the other for Freezer Food.. We had a horrible infestation of mosquitos and bugs this past Summer so we invested in Ducks and a Goose.. Only to discover the Hatchery sent me a Embden Goose and not the Buff Goose I initially paid for.  Rehomed two of the horses as it was becoming overwhelming for me to care for 3 special needs on top of 2 kids under 2 with the baby still struggling to sleep through the night. Throw in the fact that I have been pretty disappointed in the lack of work ethic around the place with 3 of the growing man childs. 


Dont get me started on the few biggies that took place with the home during our first year here... lets see if I can sum it up. Cold, Ice, Freezing Rain no water even after things thaw... = having to tear up the ceramic tile in the Laundry/Pantry room because the folks previous failed to put in a hatch/ access door to the pipes leading to washing machine.. when doing renovations.. and discovered there had been a leak  happening for a long time given the amount of water damage and rotting wood, with not having a crawl space it made the fixing a bit interesting.

 Yep I literally managed to spend more money and reap less all due to my over zealous behavior to Get It All and Get It All Now.. ugg.. in that I have learned once again some valuable insight from my mistakes. I started restructure,re home and take a little break.  I told my husband no more Lawn Ornaments. I sold the mini donkey and the filly together, sold the goats, and rehomed 2 of the special needs horses. We managed to butcher our Cornish Cross hens that I kept procrastinating on, and canceled at the time what was to have been a shipment of egg laying chicks. I am vowing among my frustrations with myself that I neededto get a grip on what was really important at this time and refocus on the long term goal.. not the short term wants. 

Starting with sleep..

Friday, December 17, 2021

Where Are You Christmas?


 The Christmas Season is upon us and only 8 days left until the Big day is here. Are you ready for it? Have you bought all the presents your gonna buy for your loved ones and closest friends? Did you manage to get the tree up this year? Or are you like me right now feeling a bit humdrum about the whole thing?

Ill be straight up honest, I have not been feeling very festive this year, the whole year in general has been a bit hit and miss on the seasonal celebrations. Life is moving more quickly than I initially had thought it possibly ever could, the more I try to tackle and do things the more quickly time passes and I am left feeling even more exhausted and tired and it doesnt seem I got anything done. I am certain alot of you folks probably feel that same way. 

What exactly is it? Is it the negative news that keeps bombarding us with its ho hum messages of constant defeat and negativity? Is this cancel culture attitude playing into the way people are treating one another, or Covid and the pressure to vaccinate or not vaccinate.. maybe?What I do know, is that this past year has been a emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausting one for me and my family.. Without to much detail, lets put it this way.. Inconsistent sleep of a 8 month old, constant bickering and very poor less than grateful attitudes from two boys and the deaths of beloved pets, and people have played a big part in the not having a happy happy joy joy kinda year. This year has been more or less a feeling of merely surviving than thriving.. and its quite plain to see... with my lack of Christmas Spirit this year. 

  So this Christmas, I decided to scale back on going all out in the decorating department, and turn the focus on keeping things very simple. I canceled what would have been our 9th year of the Boys Vs Girls Gingerbread Building Contest... I limited the tree decorating to a Let It Snow Theme, and hung up but very little decor and only that which sparked a Let It Snow . As far as gifts are concerned, we are limiting that too.. We typically buy all the kids something to wear, want, need and read.. this year we are making it a "BackYard Fun" Theme.. We decided we will take one of the paddocks, and turn it into an expansion for the back yard. My Mother is gifting the littlest ones with a Play land they can grow with, we are purchasing a tether ball set for the bigger kids, with hopes of having a nice back yard for fun and games for years to come.

In spite of what is going on in our life right now thats caused alot of drama, sorrow and stress..One thing for sure is God is still Good, He Is Still On The Throne, and He Loves You and Me!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

I Still Do, TWO



 Two Years ago today, I married someone who truly makes the sentiment of "I married my best friend" very real.

 Its hard to imagine that it really has only been two years since we said "I Do". 

Our wedding was to have taken place at the church we attended together, but I became very ill and our nuptials were then made a last min effort inside the cute chapel of the county hospital. Surrounded by our few closest friends and family, we vowed to one another our love and devotion. For me personally as a former divorcee' with children.. I solemnly promised my heart to not just Greg but doing it right and faithfully unto GOD this time around. I had in this lifetime never felt more of a connection with a human man as I had with the one who was to become my Bel♥ved at that moment. 

In the 2 years since he took my hand in his, we have experienced the joys of becoming owners of a ole homestead, welcomed our son into the mix and saw the blessings of his hard work in the means of a pay raise with his job. We have also experienced the hardships of life together.. We suffered the loss of a unborn child, experienced a few concerning events with my adoptive boys, and like yall continue to try and navigate ourselves during this time of Covid and all its crazy it brings. 

Through everything good or bad, Greg still gets me, he makes me laugh in ways I never thought I could chuckle at. Seeing him and how he interacts with our children just continually blows my mind... and I love the way he just L♥ves me all together. 

This past weekend, we rented a excavator to dig out some of the dirt for a future pond as well as a area for the trampoline to go "in ground". That man of mine who had just spent the past week working full time for his physically demanding job, spent another 11 hours on the weekend digging. I know he would have preferred to be doing other things like resting from his long work load.. but he didnt, instead he chose to be helping me create the the reality of our vision for our homestead. Its the  moments like this that remind me how blessed this married life with Greg really is... ♥♥

 1 Corinthians 16:14 ~ Let all that you do be done in love.





Friday, November 5, 2021

Welcome, Again and Again.. and Well Once More Again


First off allow me to say HOWDY !, and if your a fellow blogging friend that has followed me all over the world wide web all these years and many blogs later.. Thank You for being a faithful stalker/friend. Your friendship has meant alot to me.. and I appreciate you. Those of you who are new to me and my crazy personality allow me to introduce myself.. My name is Jeannie and   I am not even going to count the many blogs and handles I have held over the past 15+ years since I first took the plunge to blog.. which happened to be on the then very active  homeschool/homesteadblogger platforms. At the time I was a 29 year old military wife and Stay at Home Momma of 2 kiddos who was getting my feet wet for the first time as a home schooling parent and I found Homeschool blogger as a great place of information, inspiration and friendship. To this day I still have those few online friendships, and have been blessed all these years by them...

In the years since I have started blogging I have gone through many different seasons of life..  and I am not talking about the "Change" us women go through(at least not yet for me).. Nope I am talking about life lessons, Love Lessons, and Soul Changes. From being a young mom of 2 and married to my high school sweet tart and spending the next 20+ years as a military family, Then subsequently a divorcee raising more kids (via adoption) to being a remarried woman with babies again. Life has been well life... but through it all my faith (though at times I may stumble off the path) and belief in our Creator has been the ONE CONSTANT.. I am grateful for Jesus and for everything the LoRd has done for me.

Now with all that said, allow me to explain my reasoning for blogging.... again this time around and what my hope this place will be for me.

You see long before I was personally blogging, I would follow other people who had the guts to write about their lives or loves publicly. I enjoyed such bloggers like the Pioneer Woman or the Nester, to even A Bowl Full Of Lemons...long before they became who they are now on the Online Media Circuit... I enjoyed the likes of  those whose passions of life for farming, homesteading, homemaking or homeschooling could resonate with me and what was deep in my heart of dreams. I got inspired, encouraged and even down right at times a little envious of their notoriety(hey being honest here) . So blogging became a outlet for me.. and after many changes in blogs, profile names, platforms and plenty of social media breaks in between, I have decided that I not only wanted to come back to blogging again but come back with a new attitude towards it.. No longer am I going to set myself to a certain few labels.. or reservations..I am like many of you, a flavor made up by different kinds of spices... dependent on the day, the time and season of life. So thus my blog here will reflect those many different kinds of tastes.. and I hope in return you will come to like my blog and all its imperfect pictures and posts.. Thank You..  AND......